As a tournament organiser, you enter contracts with clubs and players, and thus you are also obliged to provide a specific service. You are obliged to run the tournament.  In the contractual relationship, you, as a tournament organiser, are therefore assigned a responsibility that you must pay special attention to. You shall draft a disclaimer in your own advantage. A disclaimer limits or cuts off your liability in unintentional situations. Before you think “it does not happen to me”, so of course it happens to you too. Therefore, there must be control of a disclaimer.

If you do not fulfil the obligations of your service, which typically consists of accomplishing the tournament, you are still obliged to deliver, even if some external circumstances that force the agreement/event to be cancelled cannot be implemented.

We strongly recommend those tournament organisers to have a solid disclaimer prepared in their terms and conditions, including any contracts with partners or organisations.

Examples of things that can occur or occur outside of the organiser’s influence during a tournament include:

  • Power outage
  • Cheating
  • Closing of games
  • Poor internet connection
  • Fire

A disclaimer must be agreed upon between you and your contracting party, e.g. a club, player, or participant. It is a condition that both parties are aware of the disclaimer.

However, a disclaimer must not be unreasonable, otherwise, it will simply be declared void.

Do you need help with a disclaimer?

You are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding conversation about your needs. We are part of Advokatgruppen, which has been around since 1987.

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