Stress and other types of psychological damage

Unfortunately, there is an increasing tendency for stress and other mental disorders as a result of high pressure within the world of esports. It can give rise to long psychologist courses and other treatment. We try to provide you with an overview of your tort law options.

Can I have my stress treatment expenses covered?

If you have a contract

If you have entered a contract with an organisation and thereby are subject to the organisation’s instructional powers, supervision, etc., the organisation can be considered as your employer. Therefore, you can be covered by the something similar as the Occupational Injuries Insurance Act in Denmark.

In Denmark, Norway, and other countries, there is no salary requirement in relation to coverage of the Occupational Injuries Insurance Act. In other words, are you qualified even if you work without any monthly payment. It is crucial that you are subject to commands, supervision, or instructions. If you are exposed to an accident or occupational disease as a result of your profession as an esports player, including mental injury if you inflict a permanent injury of at least 5%.

If you are entitled to compensation from an industrial injury insurance, your cost related to a psychologist and other medical treatment will be covered.

If you are in a contract

If you are not on a contract with a club, there must be a basis of liability under the fault rule before you can claim compensation. This means that a person has harmed you either intentionally or negligently.

If your mental illness is caused by someone else, as described above, it is then possible to be reimbursed for the costs of a psychologist and other medical treatment in accordance with the law of torts.

Need legal counselling?

Then call us! Our experienced lawyers will do everything to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to! As an injured party, we believe that you achieve a better result by being represented by a lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of esports.

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