Regardless if you are going to sign your first or biggest contract in esports, you need to pay attention to the content of the contract. Be aware and make sure that you understand the contract, your obligations, and that you believe the contract is fair. Remember that a correctly executed contract is legally binding where you are confirming the details and terms of the contract between you and the organisation.

Player contracts

A common misunderstanding about player contracts is that it is a standard document. There is no such thing as a standard player contract. If you are dealing with a professional organisation is the contract the first sign of what kind of organisation you are dealing with. If an organisations give you a statement such as “The contract means nothing, just sign it,” you shall be aware that this kind of behaviour usually leads to problems and misunderstandings.

If the contract’s content didn’t matter, there would not be any reason to draft a contract. Remember that the players are the organisations greatest asset in esports. The players win trophies and give the organisations value to sign sponsorships etc. Know your worth and never sign a contract until you carefully have reviewed the contract.

Remember that there often is a huge difference in the different games, such as League of Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO, FIFA 22. DOTA 2, Rocket League, Hearthstone, or Call of Duty.

Always understand what is expected of you and your teammates.

Consulting in esports

We advise players, organisations, sponsors, tournament organisers, and investors in esports daily, which is why we have a solid insight into the esports industry.

We draft, prepare, review, advise on both sides of the table and understand the issues regardless of the purpose.  We can navigate you from A-Z and, in addition, negotiate your salary, prize money structure. With us on board, we make sure to create a fair balance, match expectations, and provide both parties with a clear and understandable agreement.

Most organisations have the best intentions when introducing the player contract. However, we almost always experience that clauses or obligations have been omitted, forgotten, or miswritten.

We believe it is important that you involve people you trust, so they are confident in you taking the right decision and using their energy to support you in making awesome results instead of worrying about the contract.

If you are under 18 years old, do we offer a special “parents service, which allows parents to get in touch with us, get advice, ask questions etc. This service is always included in the price.

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Specialized knowledge and Parents service

It all sounds great, but can I afford your services?

Like in any other situation does the price depends on the scope of the work. We do not take a standard fee, as there is a huge difference in discussing a contract with 3 or 50 pages.

Regardless, both the price and our commitment are characterized by our sincere interest in esports and the desire for esports to flourish. We care to be transparent, open-minded and make sure to match expectations with you.

We hope that we, with our knowledge and commitment, can contribute to a healthy and safe environment in esports.

We are part of the Danish law firm, Advokatgruppen.

Get in touch with us for an introductory talk and experience how we can help you.