Physical injuries

Esports require physical as well as mental training. Many organisations require diet plans and physical exercise in their contracts. Unfortunately, this can result in physical injuries. There is also a risk of injury resulting from a poor working environment as an esports player, which is why you must be aware of your rights. Read more about this below.

I have been injured in connection with the physical training – what do I do?

Stress injuries, including back and neck injuries and eye injuries

In connection with esports, physical injuries can occur that quietly come on the list, especially list diseases. These are also considered occupational diseases.

If you are on a contract with an organisation, the organisation must take out an industrial injury insurance policy.

When it has been medically documented that the injury has occurred due to special influences that you through your profession as an esports player are particularly exposed to, the injury is covered by the industrial injury insurance, however with a claim for permanent injury of at least 5%.

Examples of list diseases are back, neck, and eye injuries.

Sudden physical injuries

If an injury suddenly occurs in connection with your physical training, where immediate symptoms occur, or the effect appears within five days after the incident, it is an accident.

The industrial injury insurance would cover an accident if the accident occurred in connection to your profession as an esports player. Therefore, it must be stated in your contract that there is a requirement for physical training. The physical training must also be relevant to the employment relationship/contract. Read more about personal injury compensation for esports players on contract.

If you are not on a contract, you are entitled to compensation in accordance with the general rules of tort law if the damage is due to someone else’s intentional (intentional) or negligent (where the necessary due diligence) has not been shown.

I have accident insurance. What does it cover?

Your accident insurance will typically pay compensation if immediate symptoms and connected symptoms can be detected. In other words, there must be medical notes about your symptoms in the first hours after the accident, especially immediate symptoms, e.g. in an emergency room journal. In addition, the symptoms must later be present at all times, namely connected symptoms.

However, some insurance companies do not cover injuries related to professional esports.

If you have taken out accident insurance, you must be aware that you are entitled to compensation both from your own insurance company and according to the other rules. Therefore, you must report your damage both to your own insurance company and to a possible tortfeasor or employer’s insurance company. The requirement for permanent injury of at least 5% also applies here.

Do you need help with a physical injury?

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