Personal injury compensation for sports player on contract

If you are in an employment relationship in accordance with a contract with a Danish sports club, there is a requirement that the club must take out so-called occupational injury insurance.

This means that if you incur a personal injury in connection with your profession as an esports player, you are covered by occupational injury insurance. This applies regardless of whether the injury occurred in connection with an accident or an occupational disease.

When am I in an employment relationship?

The obligation to take out occupational injury insurance applies to all employers. This requirement therefore also applies to an esports club when entering into contracts with you as an esports player.

It is not a requirement that you need to earn money.

The crucial thing is that the club gives you instructions, supervises, etc.


If an accident is to be covered by occupational injury insurance, the injury must be a personal injury that is due to an incident or an impact. In addition, the damage must occur suddenly or within 5 days. Injuries, where immediate symptoms occur, are thus covered. Likewise, injuries where the impact only occurs up to 5 days after the incident are covered by occupational injury insurance.

Please note… There is a requirement that the injury in question must have occurred in connection with your profession as an esports player.

Occupational disease

Occupational diseases are diseases that have arisen in connection with your profession as a sports player. These are the cases where it can be medically documented that your illness has arisen due to special influences that you through your profession as a sports player are exposed to a greater extent than people who do not play esports. This is also called list diseases.

Examples of list diseases are back and neck injuries, as well as injuries to the eyes.

What can I claim in compensation?

If you have a claim for compensation from the occupational injury insurance, you have the option of claiming the following:

  • Payment of expenses for medical treatment, training and aids, etc.
    Compensation for loss of earning capacity
    Compensation for permanent injury

Do you need guidance?

Whether you are a professional esports player or it is the first time you have entered into an esports contract, there are many things you need to be aware of! It is, therefore, our clear recommendation that you as a younger sports player involve parents or the like who can help you. You can also call us free of charge at +45 70 10 13 30.