Am I entitled to personal injury compensation?

If you have a personal injury, which you got in connection with esports, you are probably asking yourself the question of whether you are entitled to personal injury compensation.

We are often able to help you answer this question!

What is personal injury compensation?

The right to compensation is the rule that applies when someone can be held liable for an injury to another person.

According to the law, three fundamental conditions must be fulfilled before you are entitled to compensation:

  • There must be a basis for responsibility
  • You must have suffered an injury
  • There must be a causal link

What is a liability basis?

In Scandinavia, the basis of liability is found in Cupla which means that the damage must have been intentional or negligent (i.e. the necessary care has not been taken).

In addition to Culpcookiea, there is an objective liability, which means that one also will be liable for damages that have happened accidentally and not by intent or negligence. One of the most important cover forms on an objective basis is cover under ASL, the Occupational Injuries Insurance Act. This means that if you are employed or subject to some instructions from a superior, you are entitled to personal injury compensation, even if you do not make money playing, as long as the injury is inflicted during the “work”.

What is personal injury?

A personal injury is in principle any kind of deterioration in health, physically and mentally, as a result of a liability-bearing relationship.

What does causality mean?

There must be a connection between the basis of liability and the damage.

You can ask yourself: Does the basis of liability have any bearing on the occurrence of the damage?

If you answer yes, you may be entitled to compensation. In addition, the foreseeability of the injury needs to be plausible. This means that the consequences of the damage must be foreseeable.

Need help with personal injury compensation?

Our lawyers are always up-to-date and constantly follow the development in esports. Whether you are a club, an organisation, player, or maybe even the parent of an esports player, then get in touch with us! With great interest and in-depth knowledge of esports, we are ready to advise you.

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